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Taylor Swift Sang Her Entire 3-Hour Eras Setlist While Running on the Treadmill Every Day

As I sat in awe, watching Taylor Swift effortlessly command the stage during her Eras Tour, little did I know the secret behind her seemingly boundless energy and flawless performances.

It turns out that Taylor's rigorous preparation involved singing her entire three-hour setlist while running on the treadmill every day. Symbolically, this unique training method represents her unwavering determination and commitment to delivering an unforgettable experience for her fans.

But how did this intense workout routine contribute to her success on the tour? And what other aspects of her preparation process played a role in creating the magic we witnessed on stage?

Join me as we explore the fascinating world of Taylor Swift's preparation for the Eras Tour and uncover the secrets behind her unforgettable performances.

Taylor's Workout Routine: Singing on the Treadmill

Taylor Swift's workout routine for the Eras Tour involved singing the entire setlist while running on the treadmill. It was a unique way for me to combine my physical training with my vocal practice.

Every day, I'd hop on the treadmill and start running while belting out my songs. It was challenging, but it helped me build up my endurance and stamina for the demanding performances.

Singing while running also forced me to focus on my breath control and projection, which are crucial elements for delivering a powerful live performance. It was intense, but it paid off in the end.

I felt confident and energized during the tour, knowing that I'd put in the work to give my fans the best show possible.

The Intensity of the Eras Tour: A Three-Hour Spectacle

After mastering my workout routine and vocal practice on the treadmill, it was time to tackle the intense challenge that awaited me on the Eras Tour: a three-hour spectacle that would push me to my limits. The tour was a true test of endurance, both physically and mentally. With over 40 songs and 16 costume changes, every moment on stage required my full energy and focus. To give you a glimpse of the intensity, here is a table showcasing a typical setlist:

Opening Act"Ready for It?"5 mins
Country Medley"Love Story", "You Belong with Me"10 mins
Pop Explosion"Shake It Off", "Blank Space", "Bad Blood"15 mins
Acoustic Serenade"Teardrops on My Guitar", "Back to December"8 mins
Grand Finale"Lover", "You Need to Calm Down", "ME!"15 mins

The tour demanded a high level of stamina and precision, but it was also incredibly rewarding. Each performance left me feeling fulfilled and grateful for the opportunity to share my music with my fans.

Taylor's Dedication to Health and Sobriety

Maintaining a strict regimen of health and sobriety was crucial for me as I embarked on the demanding Eras Tour.

In order to prepare physically for the challenging performances, I made the decision to stop drinking alcohol. I remained disciplined, abstaining from alcohol for a couple of months leading up to the tour, with the exception of Grammy night.

Embracing sobriety during the rest of the tour allowed me to focus on my physical and mental well-being. It gave me the clarity and energy I needed to deliver the best performances possible.

This dedication to my health and sobriety was a key factor in my endurance throughout the tour, enabling me to handle three back-to-back shows at most stops.

Taking care of myself was essential, and it paid off in the fulfillment I felt on stage every night.

Endurance: Back-to-Back Shows and 'Dead Days

How did Taylor Swift manage three back-to-back shows and maintain her endurance throughout the demanding Eras Tour?

It was all about finding the balance between performing and resting. After each set of shows, Swift would have what she called 'dead days'. On these days, she'd prioritize rest and recovery.

She'd stay in bed and only get up to eat, allowing her body to recharge and prepare for the next set of performances. This strategic approach to scheduling allowed Swift to give her all during the shows while still taking care of her physical well-being.

Sources and Fact-Checking

To ensure accuracy and credibility, Taylor Swift's preparation for the Eras Tour and her dedication to health and sobriety were sourced from Time magazine and fact-checked by Everyday Health.

According to Time, Swift had a special workout routine six months before the tour, which included running on the treadmill every day while singing the entire setlist out loud. She also incorporated a cross-training program with weights, strength, and conditioning. Additionally, she worked with choreographer Mandy Moore to prepare for the dance routines.

In terms of her dedication to health and sobriety, Swift stopped drinking alcohol to aid her preparations for the tour. She was disciplined about not drinking for a couple of months before the show, except for Grammy night, and embraced sobriety for the rest of the tour.

Conclusion: Taylor's Fulfillment on the Eras Tour

After thoroughly preparing for the Eras Tour and dedicating myself to health and sobriety, I found immense fulfillment during my performances. It was incredible to see all the hard work and dedication pay off on stage. Here are three reasons why the Eras Tour was so fulfilling for me:

  • The energy of the crowd: The fans brought an incredible amount of energy to each show, and their enthusiasm was contagious. Their support and love made each performance feel truly special.
  • Pushing my boundaries: The tour was physically demanding, with long sets and intense choreography. But pushing myself to the limit and surpassing my own expectations was incredibly fulfilling. It showed me just how much I'm capable of.
  • Connecting with my fans: One of the most rewarding aspects of the tour was being able to connect with my fans on a deeper level. Seeing their reactions to my music and being able to share that experience with them was truly unforgettable.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Did Taylor Swift Incorporate Her Workout Routine Into Her Daily Schedule?

Incorporating my workout routine into my daily schedule was a challenge. But with determination, I made it happen. Running on the treadmill while singing my entire setlist helped me stay physically fit and mentally prepared for the tour.

Did Taylor Swift Face Any Physical Challenges During the Tour? if So, How Did She Overcome Them?

Yes, I faced physical challenges during the tour. However, I overcame them by incorporating rest days in between shows, staying in bed, and only getting up to eat. Despite the challenges, I felt fulfilled.

What Was the Purpose of Taylor Swift's Cross-Training Program With Weights, Strength, and Conditioning?

The purpose of Taylor Swift's cross-training program was to transform me into a superhuman machine! It helped me build strength, endurance, and flexibility, ensuring that I could handle the intense physical demands of my epic Eras Tour.

Did Taylor Swift Have Any Specific Strategies to Maintain Her Endurance During the Tour?

To maintain my endurance during the tour, I had specific strategies. I incorporated "dead days" for rest, staying in bed and only getting up to eat. It helped me stay physically and mentally prepared for back-to-back shows.

Were There Any Specific Sources or Fact-Checking Methods Used to Gather Information for This Article?

I made sure to gather information for this article from reliable sources, such as Time magazine. Following strict fact-checking guidelines, I ensured the accuracy of the details provided.